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Apr 16, 2018

This week on Shine On, Sistah, guest, Nicole Bonsol.

Who is Nicole Bonsol:

She is a singer-songwriter, talented graphic designer for healers, therapists and energy workers. She is a great example of truly following your passions and maximizing your gifts and living your life on your own terms. She performs pop-soul music and currently is a writer and editor for Danielle Laporte


  • Studying and practicing your own craft
  • Doing your own thing
  • Choosing the path of productivity
  • Her journey to becoming  singer-songwriter + graphic designer
  • The B-School experience
  • Writing songs she would fight for
  • You do not need a guru to start something!
  • Nicole’s morning practice

Resources/Links mentioned in the show:

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Marie Forleo’s BSchool

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