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Aug 6, 2018

Kristin Thompson is a straight-talkin, super rockin, wise-crackin speaker & coach, the Founder of, & Creator of popular programs like Command Any Room, Event Profit Machine, and The Rise Live Event.

In this episode you'll learn:
How to get your entrepreneurial message out into the world
How get crystal clear on the your brand
What to do when you're tempted to mimic a leader or guru in your industry
How to infuse your real personality into your business
Practical steps you can incorporate today to start getting booked for speaking gigs
How many people you really need to reach your income goals (hint: it's not half as many as you think!)
and really so much more! 
3 Gifts:

  1. Stand Out & Be You: "Brand Personality Blueprint"
  2. Chose Your Income Stream: "Revenue Roadmaps"
  3. Craft Your Talk to Serve & Sell: "The Rockin Talk Template"